Контактная сварка

Электродержатели контактной сварки

Контактная сварка


Контактная сварка

Комплектующие для сварочных клещей и машин контактной сварки

  • Arm guns
  • Bipolar welding cables

    Flexible cooled bipolar welding cable consists of high flexibility copper cores with insulation, of different section cross and length from 800mm up to 5000mm, oil- and wearproof insulation material, two terminals with holes to fix to the contact surface and two holse to supply cooling liquid.

  • flexible sub cables

    Flexible sub cables (bridges) with high flexibility copper cores with out cover made of oil- and wearproof insulation material are used to supply alternative current up to 36V with 50Hz frequency to the resistant welder's guns and welding lines. Bridges can be both air cooled and water cooled.

  • flexible shunts

    Flexible multшlayershunts are made of CU-ETP and used in the places of constant bending in one axis, or where hard shunt is impossible to be used: flexible connectors in resistance welders, flexible connecter for automatic switches, shunts in mainб power and distribution boards, supply lines in resistance and induction furnaces, supply lines in transformer galvinizinf plant rectifier.

    To acchiev the best electrical contact efficiency flexible shunts, under client's request, can be stannum and silver plated.

Контактная сварка

Оборудование контактной сварки

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